MBTN - Micro:Bit Technical Note

MTBN0: The Micro:bit Technical Note Process

STATUS: creating PLACEHOLDER This will define the process that MTBN documents follow. A MTBN is a bit like an internet RFC. This is very much a work in progress. PROPOSED CONTENTS * Purpose of a MTBN * States of a document * Proposing a new document * Managing the lifecycle of a document * Versioning * Retirement

MBTN3: MES Event Registry

This is a placeholder for event indexes and their documentation for MES Events. RELATED TICKETS https://github.com/lancaster-university/microbit-dal/issues/272 https://github.com/Microsoft/pxt/issues/1340

MBTN2: Protocol Headers

STATUS: creating ORIGINATION: https://github.com/bbcmicrobit/micropython/issues/438 This is a placeholder for protocol headers within the raw radio feature of the micro:bit. PLACEHOLDER From Joe Finney: https://github.com/bbcmicrobit/micropython/issues/438#issuecomment-296192563 “I knew that once a raw radio interface like this started getting used then folks would want to experiment with their own protocols, which is a good thing IMHO, so added three byte to (ironically) help manage interoperability. The three bytes are a protocol id (1 for basic raw datagram), version number (as defined by the […]

MBTN1: Document Registry

STATUS: creating PLACEHOLDER This will be a list of numbers and their titles INDEX 0: The MBTN Process 1: Document Registry 2: Radio Protocol Headers 3: MES Event Registry

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