Locking and unlocking PXT .hex files

QUESTION How can I protect a .hex file (e.g. a teaching resource) so the source code is not readable? I want to lock a .hex file so that students can’t see the contents. I want to give a .hex file to students that demonstrates a target to achieve, but in a way they cannot read the source code. How can I prevent ‘dragging and dropping’ a .hex file into the PXT editor from viewing the source code? BACKGROUND The PXT […]

Forever runs before OnStart finishes

PROBLEM My Forever loop starts before the OnStart has finished I get runtime error 40 or 42, (NULL reference) CAUSE Under the covers, the micro:bit will start every Forever loop in it’s own fiber (a fiber is a light-weight thread that can run independently from other fibers – a bit like a separate block of code in Scratch, for example). The On Start block will run to completion, then Forever blocks will start executing. However, if there are any pause […]

Using radio group codes with PXT

QUESTION How do the radio group codes work with PXT? I haven’t set a radio group, how does the micro:bit allocate group numbers? Radio not communicating with PXT. Radio not working in PXT. ANSWER The ‘radio’ blocks in PXT sit on top of the radio interface, that is surfaced from the Lancaster University DAL (Device Abstraction Layer). This Radio interface is based on a proprietary short range wireless interface provided in the Nordic nRF51 software development kit. The micro:bit runtime […]

Package approval

QUESTION Please can you approve my package? How do I get my package listed in the packages box? What is package “whitelisting”? ANSWER The PXT editor allows the publishing of packages. These packages can be loaded into another user’s script and used by them. They are really useful for publishing drivers for accessories or other useful pieces of hardware, as well as adding in new software features. Only packages on the ‘approved package list’ are visible to users directly in […]

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