Is it possible to program using visual blocks, using MicroPython

QUESTION Is there a way that learners can start in a more visual way with MicroPython? Is there a blocks/blocky interface for MicroPython Is there a visual coding interface for MicroPython ANSWER Yes, there is an ‘early alpha’ version here that people can experiment with. http://python.microbit.org/blocksalpha/0.1.0-blocksalpha/editor.html  

How do I install the latest Mu on Raspberry Pi

PROBLEM No module named speech No module named radio How do I use the speech feature on MicroPython How do I use the radio feature on MicroPython How do I get the latest version of Mu for Raspberry Pi CAUSE The version of Mu for the Raspberry Pi that gets installed when you use sudo apt-get install mu relies on a ‘person in the loop’ – i.e. a person elsewhere has to decide to update the central repository. The central […]

Why do I get an import error with speech and radio?

PROBLEM ImportError: no module named speech in MicroPython ImportError: no module named radio in MicroPython speech not working in MicroPython radio not working in MicroPython No speech in MicroPython on Raspberry Pi using Mu No radio in MicroPython on Raspberry Pi using Mu CAUSE The Python web hosted editor at microbit.co.uk is managed on a slower release cycle than other editors, and as such, it does not have the latest innovations built into it (like speech and radio) SOLUTION Use […]

Strange rounding error

PROBLEM When I use floating point numbers, I get a strange rounding problem. Why do I get lots of digits displayed in a number? Strange rounding problem in Python/MicroPython. Lots of digits displayed after a number. 18.9 gets displayed as 18.89999 CAUSE https://github.com/bbcmicrobit/micropython/issues/367#issuecomment-258059673 The microbit uses 30-bit floating point and 18.9 is parsed correctly/accurately but it’s then rounded down to 18.899999 when stored in 30 bits. Floating point numbers are always going to have inaccuracies and you should use formatting […]

Where do I start with Python on micro:bit

QUESTION I want to get started using Python on the micro:bit, where’s a good starting point? Are there any Python lessons for micro:bit? If I want to teach Python, where would I start? ANSWER 1. Click on the LETS CODE in our header… 2. Scroll down to the python section, and press the LESSONS button

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