Using micro:bit with Raspberry Pi

QUESTION How do I use the micro:bit with a Raspberry Pi I want to code the micro:bit on the Raspberry PI ANSWER We do have support for both our JavaScript Blocks and Python editors on Raspbian Pixel. This can be provided via our normal web browser based editors using Chromium or using offline editors. We do recommend the use of RPi 3 for sufficient computing power using the web browser. Instructions for JavaScript Blocks on Raspberry Pi https://pxt.microbit.org/raspberry-pi Instructions for […]

Language Translations

QUESTION I would like to see micro:bit editors and website translated into a new language How can I help with language translations to new languages? ANSWER Both the Micro:bit Educational foundation and Microsoft(PXT) use the crowdin system for translations. There is also some activity in the Python community to do language translations. There is no system at present for language translations of any of the mobile apps. All of the details about our translation process, and how to get involved, […]

Firewall whitelist requirements for micro:bit editors

PROBLEM I get a white screen when opening the editors. editors stuck on ‘Wait a Moment’ screen. Is there something i need to add or a security setting that needs to be enabled or a page that needs unblocking. Do I need any special configuration on my school firewall? What domains need to be unblocked to allow the micro:bit editors to work? SOLUTION Each editor has different requirements. Here is a full list of domains that you would have to […]

Save and Load Python scripts from the web editor

PROBLEM The Python editor at microbit.co.uk used to save and load scripts to the cloud. The Python editor at python.microbit.org does not allow scripts to be saved and loaded to/from the cloud. Where have all my Python scripts gone? Change in website to microbit.org seems to have lost my Python scripts. How do I save and load scripts in the new microbit.org hosted Python web editor? How do I transfer Python scripts from the microbit.co.uk website to the python.microbit.org website? […]

How can I code in C/C++ using the micro:bit

QUESTION I want to write some code in C/C++ using the micro:bit. What editor do I use to learn C/C++? Where is the C/C++ editor? I get an error when I compile C/C++ code in mbed. KEYWORDS mbed, C, C++, online IDE, compiler error ANSWER You can use the mbed online IDE and compiler from here: https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/Microbit/ Follow through the microbit-hello-world example video first, to make sure that everything is set up and working. NOTES If you have previously used […]

I’ve upgraded the Mu Python editor, where are all my scripts?

PROBLEM I have upgraded Mu and my scripts have disappeared. Where are my scripts in Mu? I had some data files I was using with Mu and I can’t find them now. Where have my Mu data files gone? Mu data files missing. CAUSE The Mu update of 23 Oct 2016 moved the folder where your scripts and data files were stored by default. In the earlier version of Mu, this folder was in [home_directory]/python. The version released on 23 […]

Cannot get file system to work on MicroPython

PROBLEM I get ‘attribute error’ when trying to use the file system. I can’t get the Python filing system to work. How do I use files with MicroPython? CAUSE If you are using the MicroPython editor on the BBC website, please note that the current version of MicroPython built inside that editor does not have the file system feature included. SOLUTION A. Head on over to codewith.mu and get the latest Mu editor for your platform. B. If you don’t […]

How do I join the micro:bit MicroPython mailing list?

QUESTION How do I join the micro:bit MicroPython mailing list? How can I hear about new features in the MicroPython offering? How can I interact with the MicroPython community? I want to make additions to MicroPython on the micro:bit, how do I do that? ANSWER The tech.microbit.org website has links to how to interact with the Python community for micro:bit. You can link up with them directly by joining the mailing list here: https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/microbit You can also find a set […]

I am getting an error message when I try to compile my script

PROBLEM I am getting an error message when I try to compile my script ANSWER If your hex file isn’t downloading, you can try the following: 1. Ensure that external USB devices are permitted by the servers at your school. 2. Free up space on local hard drives. 3. Run a computer-cleaning program that removes temporary Internet files and junk files. The compile to a download folder may not be possible in some school networks, due to active scanning of […]

Is there any other software available for the micro:bit

QUESTION Is there any other software available for the micro:bit? ANSWER There are some additional software tools on this page to support the BBC micro:bit and help you get the most out of it. Software Tools: https://www.microbit.co.uk/software-tools) Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help

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