Diagnosing Bluetooth Problems – Android

PROBLEM I cannot pair to my Android phone using Bluetooth Bluetooth not working Flashing unsuccessful DFU service not found DIAGNOSIS If you have any of these problems, please try these steps, and send us any results that you get 1. Try to perform pairing using the normal Bluetooth pairing process, instead of using the Samsung App. i.e. pair using Android’s own Settings/Bluetooth screen and then try flashing to the device. 2. Try another app to verify that Bluetooth is itself […]

Can I use the micro:bit with Scratch over Bluetooth

QUESTION Does the micro:bit work with Scratch? How can I link up the micro:bit to Scratch? ANSWER You can use the S2Bot App plug-in with Scratch, which allows any compatible BLE controller to interact directly with Scratch projects. Read about the S2Bot App here: http://www.picaxe.com/BBC-microbit/

How to re-instate Bluetooth after previously using MicroPython

PROBLEM Bluetooth pairing is not working. I cannot get my micro:bit to pair with my mobile phone. I cannot get my micro:bit to pair with my tablet. Since I used MicroPython, Bluetooth pairing no longer works. How do I restore my micro:bit to factory defaults? CAUSE The Bluetooth pairing feature is part of the DFU – Device Firmware Updater – and the DFU is only present in .hex files that were generated from Blocks, Touch Develop, Code Kingdoms or PXT. […]

Where is a good place to learn about using Bluetooth with micro:bit

QUESTION How does the Bluetooth work? I can’t get the Bluetooth to work. What can I use the Bluetooth for? How do I pair with Bluetooth? ANSWER Martin Woolley from the Bluetooth SIG has written some excellent blogs on the subject of using Bluetooth with the micro:bit. His website has some great instructional videos showing how to pair up over Bluetooth on various platforms, and also how to use various demo apps he has written for phones and tablets: http://bluetooth-mdw.blogspot.co.uk/p/bbc-microbit.html […]

Bitty Software

QUESTION My Bitty Software application is not working! How to create a hex file which does not need pairing How to build and install your code micro:bit events How to track the state of Bluetooth connections to the micro:bit Responding to the micro:bit buttons Bluetooth pairing micro:bit Blue is not working micro:bit Blue says the Bluetooth services it needs are not present ANSWERS All BittySoftware apps are for both Android and iOS. http://www.bittysoftware.com/common.html If you do contact support about any […]

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