Why do I get an import error with speech and radio?


ImportError: no module named speech in MicroPython

ImportError: no module named radio in MicroPython

speech not working in MicroPython

radio not working in MicroPython

No speech in MicroPython on Raspberry Pi using Mu

No radio in MicroPython on Raspberry Pi using Mu


The Python web hosted editor at microbit.co.uk is managed on a slower release cycle than other editors, and as such, it does not have the latest innovations built into it (like speech and radio)


Use the new beta web version of Python here: python.microbit.org


Use Mu: codewith.mu


The Raspberry Pi version of Mu is installed and updated via a command-line driven repository management system. The packages in this repository are managed by a third party, and are not always completely up to date with the latest innovations available on the python.microbit.org web site.

You can get the latest version that has been pushed to the Raspberry Pi repo’s by running these commands at a LXTerminal command prompt:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install mu

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