Using the micro:bit to stream live data is hard?

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Mar 27 2016, 11:36 Using the micro:bit to stream live data is hard?

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Please just use the Touch Develop serial library – you can find out about this on the public micro:bit website under the Touch Develop help pages – scroll down to the end under ‘libraries’ and click on ‘serial’ to see the full documentation for it.


All you then need to do is to write a loop that reads the accelerometer value and sends it as a string via serial->write string. You can then read the data on the PC either in a serial terminal program and log it to a text file, or you can do what many of my projects have done and use pyserial on the PC/Mac/RaspberryPi to process that data live.

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It’s really easy to get accelerometer data over the serial port using Touch Develop (or MicroPython) – please do read the help pages on the micro:bit website, a lot of work has gone into those to explain how all this stuff really works, and it is simple to use.

We had year 7’s using this serial library with almost no tuition when we put the Jodrell Bank project together with them.

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