Package approval


Please can you approve my package?

How do I get my package listed in the packages box?

What is package “whitelisting”?


The PXT editor allows the publishing of packages. These packages can be loaded into another user’s script and used by them. They are really useful for publishing drivers for accessories or other useful pieces of hardware, as well as adding in new software features.

Only packages on the ‘approved package list’ are visible to users directly in the Javascript Blocks Editor on pxt.microbit.org

You might not need to get your package added to the approved list. If you have followed the instructions in the linked article below to write your package, you now have a github URL for your package.

If you paste that URL in the package search box, it will find your package and allow anyone to add it to their project.

We do approve some packages so that they appear in the package list (or so that you can search by name), but packages approved in this way must meet specific requirements around documentation and stability, because it’s important that our users have a great experience when learning with the micro:bit. Therefore, initially you may just prefer to put a link to your github package URL on your blog or web page, and tell people to paste that into the package search box to access your package.

If you do still want your package added to the approved list, please log a ticket with us providing:

1. The github URL of your package

2. A link to any product or blog page that details any required additional hardware in order to use the package (this link must also be included in the README.md on GitHub)

3. Make sure your package in github has a well written user guide, with examples.

4. Make sure your blocks in your package have tool tips.

5. Make sure your blocks in your package have links to some online help, using the MakeCode Markdown system

6. You should provide a test suite inside your package in github, to show us that you have thoroughly tested your package. The test suite should be comprehensive enough that if Microsoft (who run MakeCode) or the micro:bit Educational Foundation make any underlying changes to the way the micro:bit compilation happens, we can be sure that your programs and blocks will still work.

7. So that we have a way to contact you about changes in the package workflow, or things that might affect your package, please make sure you are a member of the microbit-community Slack channel (http://tech.microbit.org/get-involved/where-to-find/) and have joined the #pxt-package-owners in that channel.


[1] Package publishing: https://pxt.microbit.org/packages/build-your-own

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