How do I install the latest Mu on Raspberry Pi


No module named speech

No module named radio

How do I use the speech feature on MicroPython

How do I use the radio feature on MicroPython

How do I get the latest version of Mu for Raspberry Pi


The version of Mu for the Raspberry Pi that gets installed when you use sudo apt-get install mu relies on a ‘person in the loop’ – i.e. a person elsewhere has to decide to update the central repository. The central repository goes through additional testing stages to make sure everything is robust, and as a result, the software held in there might not always be the most up to date version. The speech and radio modules were added to MicroPython a little later in it’s development.


1. Open LxTerminal

2. git clone https://github.com/mu-editor/mu

3. sudo python3 setup.py install


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