Diagnosing Bluetooth Problems – Android


I cannot pair to my Android phone using Bluetooth

Bluetooth not working

Flashing unsuccessful DFU service not found


If you have any of these problems, please try these steps, and send us any results that you get

1. Try to perform pairing using the normal Bluetooth pairing process, instead of using the Samsung App. i.e. pair using Android’s own Settings/Bluetooth screen and then try flashing to the device.

2. Try another app to verify that Bluetooth is itself working OK on this device. bittysoftware.com has various hex files and apps. microbit Blue is the obvious one to try.

3. Obtain the HCI logs off the device and send them to us. There may be clues in there. Here’s information on how to do this: http://www.fte.com/WebHelp/BPA600/Content/Documentation/WhitePapers/BPA600/Encryption/GettingAndroidLinkKey/RetrievingHCIlog.htm

4. Let us know what make and model of phone you are using, and what version of the Android OS you have installed.

[source: MDW]

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