How to access microbit.co.uk scripts
PROBLEM I have a reference to a 'script id', how do I access this? I have a reference to a 'session id', how do I access this? 'please search for session id' - how do I access this? I can't access script id's on your new web page at www.microbit.org I want to access one of these scriptid's from the IET collection of resources, how do I do it? CAUSE script id's were used by the website launched by the BBC, at www.microbit.co.uk We are in the process of migrating all content from there to microbit.org. In preparing for this migration, we have put in a redirect, so that whenever you go to microbit.co.uk it redirects to microbit.org Thus, when you search for a script id on microbit.org, it does not find it, as the script id's are stored in the older microbit.co.uk website. SOLUTION Please go to www.microbit.co.uk/app and then search for the scriptid in the search box at the far left. Or, put the scriptid at the end of this URL: www.microbit.co.uk/   e.g. www.microbit.co.uk/riotng FURTHER INFORMATION Here are the script id's of the IET collection resources - the power point presentations for each of these resources say 'search for this script id' - please follow the instructions above to access these resources
IET/Automatic Lighting tedzqxlmhg ppcfxgnaip xvuvpbcjxr IET/School Bag Alarm fhrhpv noftar IET/Flood Warning tedzqxlmhg ppcfxgnaip xvuvpbcjxr IET/Heart Rate rurniliqwk IET/Stepometer fawwztunmc IET/Transport Displays tnfodc fzidej IET/Home Security pflwfk jzwxbr IET/Home Energy bispjdkejh IET/Pedestrian Crossing hxhwuxbzad IET/Robot Buggy dyxejk IET/Temperature Monitoring rjhwtsjwrb pbitffadah fbrqllzjru vpsuakebtj IET/Beep Tester bgjqkcxmdm IET/Score Counter ropkaf buhraboxwq
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Using micro:bit with Raspberry Pi
QUESTION How do I use the micro:bit with a Raspberry Pi I want to code the micro:bit on the Raspberry PI ANSWER We do have support for both our JavaScript Blocks and Python editors on Raspbian Pixel. This can be provided via our normal web browser based editors using Chromium or using offline editors. We do recommend the use of RPi 3 for sufficient computing power using the web browser. Instructions for JavaScript Blocks on Raspberry Pi https://pxt.microbit.org/raspberry-pi Instructions for offline Python (Mu) on Raspberry Pi https://codewith.mu Using the Online Python on Raspberry Pi https://python.microbit.org. Instructions for offline Python on Raspberry Pi using a local machine web experience https://github.com/bbcmicrobit/PythonEditor RELATED INFORMATION https://www.raspberrypi.org/learning/getting-started-with-microbit/  
Language Translations
QUESTION I would like to see micro:bit editors and website translated into a new language How can I help with language translations to new languages? ANSWER Both the Micro:bit Educational foundation and Microsoft(PXT) use the crowdin system for translations. There is also some activity in the Python community to do language translations. There is no system at present for language translations of any of the mobile apps. All of the details about our translation process, and how to get involved, are detailed on our website here: http://microbit.org/translate/
Firewall whitelist requirements for micro:bit editors
I get a white screen when opening the editors.
editors stuck on 'Wait a Moment' screen.
Is there something i need to add or a security setting that needs to be enabled or a page that needs unblocking.
Do I need any special configuration on my school firewall? What domains need to be unblocked to allow the micro:bit editors to work? SOLUTION Each editor has different requirements. Here is a full list of domains that you would have to whitelist on any firewall configuraiton. PXT: pxt.microbit.org www.pxt.io trg-microbit.userpxt.io pxt.azureedge.net makecode.com BLOCKS: www.microbit.co.uk az742082.vo.msecend.net TOUCH DEVELOP: www.microbit.co.uk az742082.vo.msecend.net CODE KINGDOMS: www.microbit.co.uk az742082.vo.msecend.net microbit.codekingdoms.com PYTHON WEB EDITOR (microbit.co.uk) www.microbit.co.uk az742082.vo.msecend.net microbit.pythonanywhere.com PYTHON WEB EDITOR (microbit.org) python.microbit.org
Save and Load Python scripts from the web editor
PROBLEM The Python editor at microbit.co.uk used to save and load scripts to the cloud. The Python editor at python.microbit.org does not allow scripts to be saved and loaded to/from the cloud. Where have all my Python scripts gone? Change in website to microbit.org seems to have lost my Python scripts. How do I save and load scripts in the new microbit.org hosted Python web editor? How do I transfer Python scripts from the microbit.co.uk website to the python.microbit.org website? SOLUTION As of 2nd Nov 2016, a new feature has been added to the Python web editor at python.microbit.org. You can now load Python scripts into the web editor, edit them, and save them again. blob1478077331530.png   This editor uses a 'local file system' save and load feature. When you press the DOWNLOAD button, this will download a .hex file that contains both the MicroPython interpreter and your Python script. This is the file you flash onto your micro:bit to run the program. You can also now press the SAVE button, and this will save just the .py Python source to a file on your local computer. To read .py scripts back into the editor for editing, just drag them from your local filing system onto the editor window at python.microbit.org, and it will read in your script. You can then edit it, and then either SAVE it or DOWNLOAD it as normal. Also, if you have any .hex files that were generated in any version of MicroPython (that includes scripts written originally on the microbit.co.uk Python web editor, and scripts written inside the codewith.mu offline editor), you can now just drag and drop the .hex file from your local computer filing system onto the editor window. The editor will extract the Python script from this .hex file and load it into the editor so you can change it (and re-save or re-download again later). NOTES 1. The new Python editor at python.microbit.org does not support cloud storage like the BBC hosted Python editor did at microbit.co.uk. But you can use it without needing teacher access codes or a partner login account, because you save and load the files locally onto your own computer. If you are in a school networked environment, you can store these scripts in student folders or shared folders and manage them yourself. You can also put the .hex or the .py files in blogs or other public web pages and other users can download these files into their editor or onto their micro:bits directly. 2. The new Python editor at python.microbit.org is updated on a much faster release cycle than the editor at microbit.co.uk, and as a result of this, it has more features in it (such as the file system, speech, and singing). We recommend that you use the editor at python.microbit.org in preference to the microbit.co.uk website, as it will receive more ongoing development. 3. If you have a number of Python scripts stored in the cloud as generated by the microbit.co.uk Python editor, you can download these to .hex files and then import them into the editor at python.microbit.org by just dragging those .hex files onto the editor. 4. The python.microbit.org editor will only work with a single Python script at a time. If you want to use advanced features such as Python modules, the REPL interactive prompt, or the FILES interactive file browser, you could consider installing and using the codewith.mu offlne editor. 5. The cloud version of the Python editor hosted at microbit.co.uk will still store and retrieve any Python scripts that you have saved using your teacher or partner login account. But if you want to use the latest Python features, you can use the steps above to download .hex files and then use the new Python editor at python.microbit.org to edit them.
How can I code in C/C++ using the micro:bit
QUESTION I want to write some code in C/C++ using the micro:bit. What editor do I use to learn C/C++? Where is the C/C++ editor? I get an error when I compile C/C++ code in mbed. KEYWORDS mbed, C, C++, online IDE, compiler error ANSWER You can use the mbed online IDE and compiler from here: https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/Microbit/ Follow through the microbit-hello-world example video first, to make sure that everything is set up and working. NOTES If you have previously used the mbed online compiler for other platforms, you might have to make sure that you select the BBC micro:bit target for your microbit-hello-world project before it will compile. If the wrong platform is selected when you compile the code, you will get errors. To change the platform configured for your project: 1. In the Program Workspace window, click on your microbit-hello-world project to highlight it blob1477476837208.png   2. Over on the far right at the top of the mbed IDE window, click on the platform icon and choose BBC micro:bit from the list blob1477476873519.png 3. Press the compile button, the code should then compile and download a .hex file just as explained in the mbed microbit video. blob1477476921718.png 4. Drag the .hex file onto your MICROBIT drive, and it will flash the code to the device. When it has finished downloading, you should see the message "Hello World :)" scroll on the screen.
I’ve upgraded the Mu Python editor, where are all my scripts?
PROBLEM I have upgraded Mu and my scripts have disappeared. Where are my scripts in Mu? I had some data files I was using with Mu and I can't find them now. Where have my Mu data files gone? Mu data files missing. CAUSE The Mu update of 23 Oct 2016 moved the folder where your scripts and data files were stored by default. In the earlier version of Mu, this folder was in [home_directory]/python. The version released on 23 Oct now uses [home_directory]/mu_code SOLUTION You could just copy all your files from [home_directory]/python into [home_directory]/mu_code.
Cannot get file system to work on MicroPython
PROBLEM I get 'attribute error' when trying to use the file system. I can't get the Python filing system to work. How do I use files with MicroPython? CAUSE If you are using the MicroPython editor on the BBC website, please note that the current version of MicroPython built inside that editor does not have the file system feature included. SOLUTION A. Head on over to codewith.mu and get the latest Mu editor for your platform. B. If you don't want to download anything to the computer you are using, then the version of Python found at http://microbit.org also has the file system built into it here: http://python.microbit.org There is a Python tutorial about the filing system here: http://microbit-micropython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/filesystem.html
How do I join the micro:bit MicroPython mailing list?
QUESTION How do I join the micro:bit MicroPython mailing list? How can I hear about new features in the MicroPython offering? How can I interact with the MicroPython community? I want to make additions to MicroPython on the micro:bit, how do I do that? ANSWER The tech.microbit.org website has links to how to interact with the Python community for micro:bit. You can link up with them directly by joining the mailing list here: https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/microbit You can also find a set of useful links for joining and contributing to MicroPython on the micro:bit at the bottom of this page: http://tech.microbit.org/software/micropython/
I am getting an error message when I try to compile my script
PROBLEM I am getting an error message when I try to compile my script ANSWER If your hex file isn't downloading, you can try the following: 1. Ensure that external USB devices are permitted by the servers at your school. 2. Free up space on local hard drives. 3. Run a computer-cleaning program that removes temporary Internet files and junk files. The compile to a download folder may not be possible in some school networks, due to active scanning of downloaded code files from the Internet. You would need to speak to your IT technician about this. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
Is there any other software available for the micro:bit
QUESTION Is there any other software available for the micro:bit? ANSWER There are some additional software tools on this page to support the BBC micro:bit and help you get the most out of it. Software Tools: https://www.microbit.co.uk/software-tools) Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
How do I import a script
QUESTION How do I import a script? ANSWER If you have a script that you would like to import, go to My scripts and click on Import Code. A dialogue box will appear asking you to choose a file to import. Select Browse/Choose (depending on your browser) and select the file from the folder where you saved it. Click on Import and the file will be uploaded to My scripts on www.microbit.co.uk where you can select edit to work on it again. You can also drag and drop a .jsz file or .hex file onto the My scripts area and it will be available for editing in the My scripts area. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
I’m not able to see the red LEDs lit up on the simulator
PROBLEM I'm not able to see the red LEDs lit up on the simulator. ANSWER If you click on the white THEME button in the top right corner of the simulator, it will switch to an accessible version of the simulator, where the LEDs are displayed in blue on a white background. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
My micro:bit isn’t running the code as I expected on the simulator
PROBLEM My micro:bit isn't running the code as I expected on the simulator ANSWER Check your code. For some programs you need to insert pauses, which are measured in milliseconds. Make sure you have done this correctly. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
The video is not playing
PROBLEM The video is not playing ANSWER If you encounter Flash movie playback and plug-in issues when playing video tutorials on the site, check with your IT technician at your school that the Flash plug-in is enabled. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
The website isn’t displaying correctly
PROBLEM The website isn't displaying correctly ANSWER Please note that JavaScript needs to be enabled for the website and coding editors to function correctly. You may need to speak to the IT technician in your school to have this enabled. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
Saving/loading scripts via files
QUESTION How do I save and load scripts via files? ANSWER The hex file contains the ARM machine instructions of your compiled script, along with the original script text. This means that: 1. the hex file can be copied onto your BBC micro:bit to run it; 2. the hex file also can be loaded back into the web app for further editing of the script. So, the hex file is a great way to share you script (via email or file sharing services). To load a hex file into the web app, you can either: 1. drag-and-drop the hex file onto the web app; 2. click on the 'Import Code' icon in the web app. You also can save a script from the script overview page. Note, however, that this file is not a hex file, so can't be copied to your micro:bit. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
Searching for scripts
QUESTION How do I search for scripts? ANSWER When you are connected to the Internet, you can search for published scripts using the search box in the upper left hand corner of the web app. Try searching for 'racing buttons' to find the script with id xjuzjz created by the user TouchDevelop Samples. If you know the id of a script (such as xjuzjz) you can share it with others like this: http://www.microbit.co.uk/xjuzjz. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
Finding codethemicrobit.com scripts in pxt.microbit.org
PROBLEM Since the move to pxt.microbit.org, I can no longer find scriptsid's of scripts that I had saved or published. How do I access old pxt scripts in the new pxt.microbit.org? How do I transfer a scriptid from codethemicrobit.com to pxt.microbit.org? NOTE codethemicrobit.com was a temporary home for the PXT editor. The official site for the PXT editor is now pxt.microbit.org SOLUTION You can recover old, existing scripts in pxt.microbit.org by following this procedure: 1. Open pxt.microbit.org 2. click on the OPEN PROJECT button 3. Put the word legacy/ then your scriptid into the search box and press the SEARCH button e.g. legacy/rurfubdeav 4. Your script should appear below in a pane, click on this pane and it will import your original script from codethemicrobit.com into pxt.microbit.org
My scripts and the web app
QUESTION How do I go directly to my scripts page? ANSWER To get to your scripts 'my scripts' directly, go to the URL http://www.microbit.co.uk/app/, which loads the web app that allows you to create, edit, simulate, and compile scripts with a variety of programming languages and editors. All your scripts are stored in HTML local storage, which means they'll still be available even if you close your web browser. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
Working offline
QUESTION How do I work offline? ANSWER Students: The BBC micro:bit website stores your programs on your device and allows you to keep working on them on the same device when you're not connected to the internet. If you would like to remove scripts from your device, then click on the remove button in the my scripts area. Teachers: If you are registered with the site and signed in, then your scripts will be automatically synced to your account when you go back online and can be accessed across your devices. When you sign out of the website, your scripts will no longer be available on your devices unless you sign back in. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
Signing out
QUESTION How do I sign out from the website? ANSWER Click on your Display Name in the top right corner, then click on sign out. Make sure you log out of your account if you are using a shared computer. If you used a Microsoft or Facebook account to sign in, you may still need to sign out with them. If you have forgotten to log out of a device or suspect your account may have been compromised, then you can log out of all devices by clicking on 'logout' and clicking on the 'sign out on all your devices' link. Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
Which browsers work with the coding editors
QUESTION Which browsers work with the coding editors? ANSWER Our four coding editors don't work with Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. You can upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 10 if you are running Windows 7, or upgrade your operating system to Windows 8 which comes with Internet Explorer 10, or try the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. * Internet Explorer 10+ * Chrome 22+ for PCs, Macs, Linux * Firefox 16+ for PCs, Macs, Linux * Safari 6+ for Macs * Mobile Safari on iOS 6+ for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Article Source: BBC Original Page: http://www.microbit.co.uk/help
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