Micro:bit Sri Lanka from its initiation has strived to empower the community. The mother organization, “Micro:bit Education Foundation” which promotes coding among the younger generation is based on UK and they were mainly focused on expanding its reach across Europe.

There was no initiative to educate the Sri Lankan student community about micro:bit based coding. Therefore, by reaching the Micro:bit Education Foundation and presenting our plans we established the Micro:bit Sri Lanka as the local community organization.

When Sri Lanka became a part of the micro:bit community we received devices and learning materials with the mission of helping future innovators to increase computer programming capabilities and empower every child in Sri Lanka.

Micro:bit Sri Lanka conducted its first awareness session in the rural village of Udubaddawa, Kuliyapitiya through an hour of code for school children rather than kickstarting with an introductory session in Colombo. From the day onwards, we have conducted awareness sessions, distribution of free micro:bit devices, conducted ideation competitions and provided support for micro:bit user groups abroad.

The organization consists of young 300+ volunteers from professional organisations and universities to lay the foundation of coding among youngsters in Sri Lanka. The target student audience is from 11- 13 years, 14- 18 years and university students. Thereby it has been proved that Micro:bit Sri Lanka was established, carried out and will be striving in the path to empower the community.

Micro:bit Sri Lanka was presented with a special award by mother foundation, The Micro:bit Education Foundation as the first official Micro:bit Community Organization in the world due to its initiatives to introduce children to programming.

micro:bit SLUG Society Ltd, A society registered under the Societies Ordinance of Sri Lanka and bearing registration number S12477 and having its registered office at No:489, Nattandiya Rd, Udubaddawa, 60250